Upholstery & Frame Repair

Upholstery & Frame Repair

A variety of problems can occur with upholstered furniture, many of which can be easily corrected right in your home.  New life can be brought back to that favorite chair or sofa for much less than the cost to fully reupholster or replace.

  • Failed seam repair

  • Replacement of cut and sewn parts

  • Padding adjustments

  • Seat cushion replacement (if provided by manufacturer)

  • Internal frame repair

  • Loose or noisy seat and back springs

  • Reattachment of tufted buttons

Before & After

  • Seam repair

    Attached back pillow torn away from the frame.

  • Arm collapse

    Left side facing arm collapsed when child jumped on it.  The repair required completely uncovering the arm in order to install a new wooden beam and replace the cardboard wrapping.

  • Padding adjustment

    These images show a common problem where there is an insufficient amount of padding used in the seat cushion.  This results in excessive wrinkling of the material, which is visually unappealing and can lead to a premature breakdown of the leather or cloth.  In this case, we built up the seat cushion using high quality poly foam.  In addition, excessive slack was further reduced by retacking the seat on the sides and the rear.