Wood Furniture Repair

Wood Furniture Repair

Dr. Furniture is expertly skilled in the repair and touch up of wood furniture and wooden furniture frames. Many such problems can be solved without the expense of fully restoring the piece, which typically costs hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Most repairs can be completed on site without having to remove the piece from your home.

  • Chips, Scratches, Dents & Gouges

  • Frame and Structural Damage

  • Advanced Touch Up

  • Sheen Adjustment

  • Loose Veneer

  • Crushed Corners

  • Cigarette Burns

  • Water Marks

  • Solvent Spills (fingernail polish remover)

  • Assembly

  • Disassembly and Breakdowns

Before & After

  • Solvent spill

    Repair of nail polish remover spill on dining room table top.

  • Pet damage

    Repair of dog damaged table base.

  • Chips

    Repair of large chip on side of hutch.